SEO Optimization
& Social Media Design

Top positioning in Google search results as well as on other social media sites

SEO Development

Multimedia devices


Google Search Results

Our goal is to position your brand at the top of Google results for important keywords.


Data Analyzing

We keep track of all types of data related to queries and results through your visitors.


Google Search Console

We analyze and introduce new keywords that tend to increase your overall business visits.


Multimedia Optimization

Continuous work on optimizing and adding new multimedia content to enrich your brand.

Why SEO Important?

Importance of SEO as part of the modern website presence

Site's Security

We pay special attention to the security of your online platform, guaranteeing you smooth operations in all conditions and security levels in case of any kind of attack on the site.

Website Uptime

Suggesting you the ideal host environment and domain solutions, which all aim at stability and not compromising the availability of your content. Based on our own experience.

Server Setup

You'll have, at your disposal, all the necessary server settings, without which none of the aforementioned goals would be possible. The server is the base of the site, place where it all starts.

Organic SEO Develepment Proces

SEO is a demanding process that takes some time for changes to become verified and recognized

Top Organic Google Search Results

The ultimate goal of SEO optimization is to provide you with the best possible search results, primarily on the Google platform and to stay valid in the coming period. That means to adapt to all the changes that are happening on the Internet every single day. For this reason SEO is not the fast process, but it requires a certain amount of time, which is also required by all search engines to detect content on your site and to position it in the best possible way, according to the quality of work and tech specs.







Successful SEO: Three-Point Optimization

Every SEO campaign we divide into three segments

Tech SEO

Indexed site
Website speed
Server settings
Fixing broken links
Tracking valuebles
URL Optimization
Developing AMP site/pages

On-Page SEO

High-quality content length
Keywords in headlines, URLs
Keyword density
Image optimization
Video optimization
Location optimization
Correct grammar and spelling
Integrated testimonials

Off-Page SEO

Gradual link building
Citation Building
Blog page and posts
Link exchange
Social Media
Local and regional web listings

SEO Consultations

Beside development and optimization, we also offer you the consultations package


Online Consultations

This package includes email communication, at the agreed time and specified issues.


Phone Consultations

Phone consultations throughout the day, as well as additional communication by email.


Live Meeting & Brainstorm

We come to you to evaluate the current situation and offer you several solutions.

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