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Web development

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When it comes to site development, we base our work in two environments:


WordPress is an open source software used to develop high quality and beautifully designed websites, blogs, web stores or/and applications. It's pased on PHP web programming language, as well as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


An open source software package also based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS for creating web projects specifically optimized for mobile devices of all kinds (mobile-first), Guarantee of quality of work and reliability.

(Dynamic HTML)

The base of any website is within the balance of the coding languages:

  • PHP - The specialized script language primarily intended for creating modern dynamic web content and for the run on the server side. As such, it is one of the cornerstones of the modern internet and therefore represents the most of today's internet tech trends.
  • JavaScript - It enables interactive web pages and is an essential part of web applications of the modern internet. The vast majority of websites and applications use it for it's client-side page behavior and all major web browsers have a dedicated JavaScript engine to execute it form scratch.
  • HTML - A descriptive programing language specifically designed and built for the description of web pages. It can easily separate various elements such are headings, paragraphs, quotes etc. In addition, HTML standard incorporates elements that describe the document itself in more detail, such as a brief description of the document, keywords, author information and other.
  • SQL - The relational query language that displays all data and results of operations as specific table and furthermore enables interactive and classic programming possible and operative. It is an integral part of WordPress and many other platforms (CMS).

Up-to-date AMP Development

Web platform developed by Google Corporation for maximum online functionality

Accelerated Mobile Pages for Mobile First

AMP is a Google open source project that is being enhanced step-by-steb every single day by the large developer community around the globe.

It was created in a need to pair Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News service.

AMP maximizes all kinds of mobile functionalities across all devices and brings incredibly fast data loading rate and responsiveness.

Top-notch Content Optimization 


Mobile First Functionality 




SEO Consultations

A basic suite of services that includes telephone, internet and, if needed, and live consultations.

Web Development

Site development with all supporting, elements. This package does not imply site maintenance.

Development & Maintenance

After the complete development of the site, we are here to strengthen it's positions in the period to come.

Google AMP Framework

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